Vint Cerf Talks About the Internet of Things – NANOG68

Vint Cerf Talks About the Internet of Things – NANOG68

The SF-Bay Area ISOC Chapter team was lucky enough to catch Vint Cerf‘s Keynote presentation during the NANOG68 Meeting in Dallas this week. Vint’s presentation on Cyber-Physical Systems focused on the reliability, ease of use, safety, security, privacy, autonomy and interoperability of the IoT.

Abstract: “Users will expect reliability, safety, privacy, ease of use, scalability, and autonomy (ie, they work even when NOT connected to the public Internet). There are many challenges ahead to deal with interoperability among the same of different brands of IOT. Most users would be unhappy with one app per device. When guests come and go, how hard or easy is it to grant them access to some or all of the household devices? And to disable their access when they leave? Under some conditions, policy, fire and EMT teams might need emergency access but only during the emergency. I won’t have a lot of answers in this talk, just a lot of questions.”


Slides available here.

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