Sponsor Payment

Sponsor Payment

Thank you for choosing to sponsor the SF-Bay Area Chapter (SFBayISOC)! Your contribution will be used to enable the Chapter to put on events and activities to educate and inform the membership and regional community about the Internet issues that are pertinent to the SF-Bay Area, California and beyond as well as to facilitate general day-to-day Chapter operations.

SFBayISOC is a United States Internal Revenue Service 501 (c) 3 non-profit operating as a chapter of the Internet Society Operating Committee (ISOC). Donations to SFBayISOC are deducible from US federal and US State income as allowed by federal and state law.

Your generous payment can be made in the following ways:



Checks may be made out to ‘SFBayISOC’ and sent to PO Box 50741, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA.

Bank Transfer

Wire transfers for donations of $250 or more can be arranged. Please contact our Treasurer directly for wire transfer information.
The Chapter will provide a letter of acknowledgement for any donations of $250 or more.