SF-Bay ISOC and Campus Party

SF-Bay ISOC and Campus Party

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Internet Society has been collaborating with Campus Party since the early Fall of 2011. We are an official Community Partner of Campus Party (http://www.campus-party.org/partners.html), focusing primarily on promoting their Campus Part Silicon Valley technology fest, scheduled for summer of 2013 at colleges and universities in northern and central California.

Beyond that, we played a role in the establishment of a formal partnership between the global Internet Society organization and Campus Party, which was announced globally at Campus Party Europe at Berlin in August of 2012 (http://www.internetsociety.org/campus-party-and-internet-society).

We are also deeply involved in planning for the InterPlanetary Networking Special Interest Group (www.ipnsig.org) to host an interplanetary networking competition at Campus Party Silicon Valley. We are enivisioning three phases of the competition.

1)      during the actual event week, “campuseros” will compete to develop the most compelling and useful Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) application use case for potential deployment on the International Space Station (ISS). Entries will be evaluated by global DTN SME’s from NASA/JPL and numerous universities around the globe. Crew members on the ISS will announce the top three use cases to Campus Party attendees on the last day of the event.

2)      Those top three entrants will be mentored by global DTN experts to make their applications a reality. IPINSIG will provide SDK’s and use of testbed facilities to the winning entrants.

3)      Finally, Adrian Hooke (Director of the IPN Directorate within NASA) has agreed to advocate on their behalf to initiate Space Acts with NASA. If approved, their applications would be deployed on the ISS.

We look at the collaboration with Campus Party as a long-term affair, hoping to contribute significantly to both the success of Campus Party Silicon Valley in 2013, and a growing presence of Campus Party in Northern  California and the United States.