Founding Application 2008

Founding Application 2008

A. Proposed name of the Chapter

The Chapter name must include both “Internet Society” and “Chapter”. These may be translated into your local language.
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Internet Society include Silicon Valley.  (ISOC-SF Bay Area)

B. Community of Interest the Chapter will to serve

Geography is a common choice for a community of interest, for example, within a country or city. However, any well-defined group of individuals is acceptable.
The Chapter is serving people located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area including the Silicon Valley

C. Purpose and Scope of Chapter

It is important to indicate how you intend to serve your community of interest and why a Chapter of the Internet Society is a good way to do it.

Enable members to exchange technical, policy, or otherwise relevant information amongst themselves.
Provide the opportunity for outreach from the chapter to the local community on these topics.
Promote the core values of the Internet society.
Interact with other ISOC Chapters and groups, as well as relevant groups outside of ISOC.
Develop programs related to standards, public policy, and education for the membership.

D. Founding Members of the Chapter

Please list complete contact information and affiliations for all persons who will be working together to create the Chapter. Although there is a minimum membership required for a Charter we are only asking for at least one other person besides yourself.

  1. Zaid Ali
  2. Annalisa Roger
  3. Franck Martin – PICISOC Chair, ISOC Trustee
  4. Ted Hardie, ISOC Trustee
  5. Ken Krechmer
  6. Sophia Bekele
  7. James Ausman
  8. Cynthia Waddell – Vice Chair ISOC Disability and Special Needs Chapters
  9. Kevin Ruse
  10. John Gale
  11. Wisam Daoud
  12. Krassimir Tzvetanov
  13. Michael Palmeter
  14. Glenn Ricart
  15. David Tien
  16. Richard Hart
  17. Vikas Khanna
  18. Vlad Markov
  19. James Ausman
  20. Matt Cornillault
  21. Michel Weksler
  22. Jennifer Knoll
  23. Ken Krechmer
  24. Leticia C. Smith
  25. Sajith K
  26. K. Ramesh Babu
  27. Vividh Siddha
  28. George Ledin
  29. Gary Tsang

E. List of Supporters

Please list complete contact information for any organizations or groups who will be supporting the Chapter. Be sure to indicate an individual or an individual’s role for each supporter.

Avonsys –


F. List of Requirements

Some countries, governments, or regulatory bodies have rules or regulations that must be followed by Chapters of organization’s like the Internet Society. Examples include documentation or fees. It is important for you to check and to indicate here any requirements you find. If there are none please indicate with whom you checked.
In its initial stage the chapter will not collect any membership fees nor have any bank account, therefore there is no need to register officially the organisation in the USA.