Announcing Monthly Encryption Trainings

Announcing Monthly Encryption Trainings

Encryption and online privacy have been in the news this week and we want to help you help your community make sense of the options.

That’s why we’re starting a monthly Encryption Training series for 2022, 3rd Mondays at 4-5pm PT. It is open to anyone. The agenda is below. Please register here. Our first training is this Monday, May 16th, 2022.

Training Description: Are you or someone you love seriously considering how best to protect your private searches and personal information online, in light of current news?

To help our members and community navigate the encrypted tools, technologies, and good habits to protect their data and online activities, we will be hosting monthly free Encryption Trainings for all of 2022. The training draw on the technologies highlighted in these 4 guides, amongst others:

  1. Internet Society: Encryption Training
  2. Electronic Frontier Foundation: Reproductive Healthcare Service Provider, Seeker, or Advocate Guide
  3. Digital Defense Fund Guide
  4. Reproductive Legal Helpline Internet Safety Guide
Please come with your questions, ideas, concerns, and technical issues.
  • 5 mins: Introductions from the trainers (the first month, Jessica Dickinson Goodman, San Francisco Bay Area Internet Society Chapter President will be teaching; if you would like to learn to run a training, please attend a meeting and volunteer)
  • 25 minutes: Review key tools, technologies, and habits.
  • 25 minutes: Small group help — we will partner attendees up to help evaluate and seek to address your specific encryption and privacy issue.
  • 5 mins: Wrap-up.

Register here and please share this series widely (Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn).

Note, even though we are starting this series because of the U.S. context, the trainings are open to anyone from any nation who would like to join, and the tools are available internationally. If you have any requests — a training in a different language, at a different time, on a specific subset of information — please feel free to reach out to me.

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