Board Elections 2016

Board Elections 2016

We would like to thank all members that participated in the elections held last week to help elect three members to the Executive Council for SFBay Area ISOC Chapter.  Voting closed on January 30, 2017.  A nominating committee appointed by the outgoing Chair, Leah Symekher, helped to oversee the election process to make sure that the Chapter bylaws were adhered to. We sincerely thank Konstantin Kalaitzidis, Louie Lee and Annalisa Rogers for their support and guidance as the nominating committee during this election.

We recognize that it is unrealistic to get 10% participation from the membership to abide by a strict interpretation of the bylaws. However we met the minimum voting requirement of at least 10 members.  We encourage more member participation in future elections.

Based on the election results and voting by the current board, we are excited to introduce the new Board to our members:

Chair – Susannah Gray

Vice Chair – Fatema Kothari

Secretary – Misako Manca

Treasury – Ken Krechmer

Mgr. Membership Communications and Engagement  – Janet Vong

NARALO Chapter Representative – Eve Edelson

The outgoing Chair, Leah Symekher, will support the new board in the role of Consultant & Advisor to the Board, Primary NARALO Chapter Representative and Project Administrator.

Additionally, Jean-Jacques Subrenat outgoing board member and Global Representative will continue to support the new board in the role of Global Representative–Advisor to the board.

Find out more about our Board members here.

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