ARIN 35 Conference in San Francisco, April 12-15, 2015

ARIN 35 Conference in San Francisco, April 12-15, 2015

American Registry Internet Numbers, ARIN, 35th Conference was attended by several SFBay Area ISOC Chapter members and the current Chapter president, Leah Symekher.

The 35th conference was held a few months after the significant signing ceremony of a MOU that formalized the working relationship between ARIN and the North America At Large Structure Organization (NARALO) to which SFBay Area Chapter is a member. NARALO became the third in the family of five RALO’s who made the decision to reach out to the local Regional Internet Registry (RIR), in its area and build stronger relationships together. ARIN has routine meetings in North America, Caribbean, and Canada. ARIN also does “ARIN on the Road” events in cities that are smaller scale educational events.   These events are ideal to help jointly promote local outreach to universities and local businesses.

Leah Symekher met with ARIN’s Susan Hamlin, Director, Communications & member services to discuss ways that SFBay Area Chapter and ARIN can work together in regional outreach events in the Bay Area.

Leah Symekher also took the opportunity to meet with Evan Leibovitch, President of Canada ISOC Chapter and NARALO Chair to share information on the two Chapters.

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