InterPlanetary Internet collaboration with IPNSIG

In 2011, the SFBay Area ISOC Chapter undertook the task of “revitalizing” the mostly inactive InterPlanetary Networking  Special Interest Group (IPNSIG) in 2011. A brief timeline of the project’s evolution follows.

  • 2011: The SFBayISOC InterPlanetary Network (IPN) project was proposed around August time-frame, based on the original IPNSIG, to work closely with the already established IPN ( The first presentation of this proposal was made during the SFBayISOC Board meeting in Palo Alto in 2011/Nov, where it was accepted formally.
  • 2012: SFBayISOC representatives (Konstantin Kalaitzidis and Michael Snell) travelled to JPL in Pasadena in 2012/Jan for a meeting with Vint Cerf and JPL’s Adrian Hooke, Scott Burleigh, and team to discuss the proposal of SFBayISOC, and put a strategy in place to revitalize the IPNSIG.
  • 2013: The combined SFBayISOC and JPL virtual team applied for ISOC chapter formation, under Vint’s leadership.
  • 2014: The SFBayISOC IPNSIG project holds “The Space Technology Innovations Conference”, “Enabling Exploration Above—Improving Life Below” at Google HQ in Mountain View, Jan/24
  • 2014: ISOC Chapter formation approved. The SFBayISOC IPNSIG project formally becomes the IPN ISOC chapter
  • 2015 and Beyond:  For current updates on the IPNSIG please visit:
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