Working Group: Data Protection, Privacy & Security

Working Group: Data Protection, Privacy & Security

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Working Group on Data Protection, Privacy, and Security


Government surveillance, corporate and government data breaches, practices that erode privacy, mass hacking incidents, and systemic gaps in security practices have led to disillusionment among Internet users about their ability to control their online destiny. This WG seeks to make recommendations, disseminate information and reinforce understanding on data protection, privacy issues, security best practices and digital rights.

ISOC issue areas: Internet Resilience and Stability | DNSSEC |  Encryption | Networks and Trust | Routing Security |  Intellectual Property | Human Rights | Online Identity |  


The Working Group (WG) will comprise a small group of industry experts who will focus on Data Protection, Privacy and Security  issues. The WG will primarily focus on issues that are of importance to the Bay Area/Silicon Valley region and the State of California but will also pay close attention to the issues that overlap with the wider Internet community.


The WG will inform the Board, Chapter membership and the wider Internet community of important issues relating to Data Protection, Privacy, and Security to further solidify the Chapter’s position as a leading neutral and independent source of information. In addition, the WG will seek to become involved in relevant local, regional and, if appropriate, international initiatives, collaborations, projects and events in order to increase the Chapter’s local presence and perform crucial outreach work.


The WG shall comprise of one WG Chair. A Board member acts as Liaison and is the WG’s primary point of contact with the Chapter Leadership. The WG Chair, in conjunction with the SF Bay Area ISOC Board, may decide to add a Co-Chair in the future.


  • Inform the Board, chapter membership and wider community of important issues relating to Data Protection, Privacy and Security such as (but not limited to):
    • Upcoming events.
    • Key policy, governance and regulatory changes that our membership should be aware of.
  • Gather/disseminate timely news for/on the SF Bay Area ISOC chapter website, social media accounts.
  • Author/collaborate on white papers, news articles and blogs.
  • Organize activities e.g. meet ups, workshops (if appropriate) and get involved with local projects that align with the chapter/global ISOC’s goals.
  • Report to the Board liaison once a month on progress/pertinent issues.


SF Bay Area ISOC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity. The Chapter’s work is funded entirely by donations, sponsorships and grants and its activities are carried out by volunteers. The Chapter will endeavor to provide as much support as its (often limited) resources allow, including:

  • Administrative support (e.g. mailing list facilitation and conference call software).
  • Event support (e.g. access to MeetUp account, refreshments, publicity, signage/badges etc.).
  • Promotion of all WG activities on the SF Bay Area ISOC website and social media accounts and to the membership via the Chapter mailing list.
  • Cross promotion on relevant ICANN, ISOC global, sister Chapter, ARIN, IETF etc. mailing lists where possible.   


To ensure the continuity and growth of the WG, the WG Chair and and Chapter Leadership team will commit to 1-2 hours/week for a minimum of one year. This will foster stability and membership and ensure smooth transitioning of responsibilities in the future as necessary.